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Our Story

Lisa Jubilee and Andy Barbera, co-founders of Keto-Snaps, the every day, anytime cooke. Gluten Free Keto cookies

Keto-Snaps were formulated to satisfy those seeking a sweet snack or treat, while providing meaningful nutrition from only whole food ingredients.

Keto-Snaps, the every day, anytime cookie was spawned by holistic nutritionist Lisa Jubilee, who has always advocated a whole food, plant-rich approach to nutrition in her 20 years in practice. In 2016, her mission to educate the public on the power of food as either health promoting or depleting, expanded after learning that a 2015 Harvard study, revealed for the first time that all humans experience intestinal permeability or leaky gut after exposure to gluten.

Compelled to do more than simply share her new knowledge with clients and followers, she asked herself, “how can I help inspire people to transition away from the wheat and sugar-based diets we’ve been consuming these past five decades?” The answer came swiftly, “start with something every human innately desires: a sweet treat.”

She began experimenting with organic, gluten and grain-free baking in search of a delicious treat — free of chemicals, additives or preservatives — and compatible with most diets or lifestyle regimens, including ketogenic, LCHF (low carb high fat) and low sugar.

It just so happened to be right before the Christmas break in 2016, so Lisa used her colleagues family and clients as taste testers for her new gluten-free, low sugar cookie creation. The response was unanimously positive and she received an order that first day! She hasn’t stopped baking since and her husband Andy joined forces with her in 2017 with their mission to bring Keto-Snaps®, the everyday, anytime cookie to the public.

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