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Why Keto-Snaps?

Designed for daily, delicious enjoyment without compromise to your health — and only 1 gram of sugar!

Keto-Snaps Cinnilla Keto cookie ice cream sandwiches

KETO-SNAPS are free of all the stuff that's not good about cookies.

  • Wheat-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Grain-Free
  • Sugar Alcohol-Free
  • Preservative-Free
  • Additive-Free
  • GMO-Free

Our fresh-baked product contains no chemical preservatives or additives. Refrigerate or freeze, before and after opening, to extend product shelf life and preserve flavor intensity.   


  • Ketogenic
  • Paleo
  • Low-Carb, High-Fat (LCHF)
  • Wheat-free / Gluten-free
  • Weight control diets and lifestyles
  • Whole food, clean eating
  • Children and parents


Gluten-free almond flour • Organic cultured butter • Pasture-raised egg • Organic maple syrup • Monk fruit (from powder) • Inulin (from powder) • Organic vanilla extract • Organic almond extract • Organic cinnamon • Himalayan pink salt 

 Keto-Snaps cookies whole food ingredients


Keto-Snaps®, the every day, anytime cookie

Keto-Snaps’ mission is to disrupt the cookie industry with one that satisfies sweet cravings, provides meaningful nutrition, lifestyle flexibility, and is suitable for a wide range of dietary protocols including gluten-free, low sugar and ketogenic/LCHF dietary regimens.

We call them Keto-Snaps to help draw public awareness to the ketogenic diet. An abundance of research supports the wealth of benefits associated with the high fat/low carb and ketogenic lifestyles, and the timing for “Keto” is now. Together, we can shift average dietary practices away from the Standard American Diet (SAD) and help reverse the prevalence of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer and autoimmune conditions.

Lisa’s motto has always been “(real) food is medicine” and she’s thrilled to support the effort by offering an honest, clean food, nutritionally viable and delicious treat.

Keto-Snaps are here to help!



We're living in unprecedented times. Exposure to environmental toxins and chemicals through our air, food, water and household products is greater than ever before. In a 2005 landmark study, Environmental Working Group (EWG) found an average of 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants in the umbilical cord blood of infants born in the US. 

This chemical soup we now live in has been linked to an increase in autoimmune conditions, cancer, infertility, neurological issues and metabolic problems, all of which I see regularly in my practice as a nutritionist.

I created Keto-Snaps to offer a simple and organic cookie treat for those who seek clean food choices. Our Snaps are delicious and nutritious and can be enjoyed throughout the day while providing energy from healthy fats and protein. With less than 2 net carbs and only 1 gram of sugar per cookie, they are truly Made With Love, Not Carbs.

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